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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do GSO funds come from?

GSO funds are raised through student fees. Graduate students are charged $15.00 every semester they are enrolled. Because of this, it is to your advantage to apply for GSO funding.

Where can I get GSO forms?

Your department representative has GSO application forms. The GSO representative can get applications from the School of Graduate Studies. Remember that  the GSO forms are expensive, so do not use them to practice on.

When is the best time to apply for GSO funds?

You should apply for GSO funds during the semester in which your conference is being held or during the semester which you require research supplies. Since GSO funding applications are considered in the order they are received, the sooner you submit your application, the better your chances of receiving funding. Please note that no applications can be accepted before the first day of the semester you are applying.

What if my conference takes place before the first GSO meeting of the semester?

As funding is reimbursement, the GSO council can vote on your application during any meeting of the semester no matter when you travel. Again, it is important to submit your application as early as possible.

What if my conference takes place during a semester break?

If you wish to obtain GSO funding for a conference that takes place during the semester breaks, you can either submit your application during the semester before the conference or during the semester after the conference. No matter which semester you apply, the funding will come out of that semester's allotment.

What if my conference takes place during the summer when I am not enrolled as a student?

You can apply for funding in the Fall, if you are a registered student.  Your summer conference can be funded from your Fall semester limit.

I have not heard whether my conference has accepted my presentation or not. Can I still submit an application?

Yes. However, you must provide a letter stating this fact with your application and provide proof by the meeting you wish your application to be heard.

Am I supposed to bring anything to the GSO meeting I'm required to attend?

No. However, you will be required to give a brief summary detailing why you are requesting funding for the GSO council. Your proxy must do this in your absence if you cannot attend the meeting.

Is there any way to reduce the amount of GSO paperwork that is required?

No. If it is any consolation, faculty members at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette must follow similar procedures to be reimbursed. Think of it as training for your future job! (But we did finally get rid of the Official Travel Request Form and other administrative necessities).

Where do I submit my GSO application?

Applicants can submit completed GSO applications to their department representative.  Once applications have been reviewed, representatives then submit applications the Graduate School Office in Martin Hall.

Remember that your representative must submit all applications no later than one calendar week before the meeting that it will be voted on, so please do not wait until the last minute to turn your applications in to your representative! After your representative has reviewed and signed your application, you have the option of taking it to the Graduate School Office yourself; however, no application may be submitted without the department representative's signature.

What happens to my application after the council votes to approve it?

After your application has been approved by the GSO council, it is submitted to the university administration for review. Once the university administration has approved your application, it will be sent back to you through the university's inter-office mail system. This means that you will receive it in your department mailbox or from your department secretary.

This process usually takes a minimum of two weeks, but can sometimes take longer.

The university administration has approved my application, now what?

Once the university administration has approved your application, and returned it to you, you can submit receipts for reimbursement to the Dean of the Graduate School.

It usually takes a minimum of two weeks for the business office to reimburse you.

Can the university administration deny my application once it has been approved by the GSO council?

No, however, if you don't follow the proper procedures for requesting your check, you may be denied your funding.

What receipts do I need to submit to be reimbursed?

You must provide receipts for all expenses that you wish to be reimbursed for (i.e if your flight costs $400, you only need to submit that receipt. If you wish to be reimbursed for all your travel expenses up to $400 or supplies up to $160, you must submit ALL of those receipts). The exception is meals. You can apply to be reimbursed for a maximum of $30.00 a day for meals without receipts.

What if I shared a hotel room or another expense with another graduate student?

To divide up one expense among multiple GSO applications, submit one copy of the receipt indicating that the other graduate student (by name) is sharing the cost with you. He or she must also submit a copy of the receipt indicating that he or she is sharing the cost with you.

Can I apply for a travel advance?

No. GSO funding is reimbursement and receipts must be submitted for payment to be received.

Where can I get more help?

Contact your department GSO representative for more help with GSO funding. Also be aware that the GSO sponsors annual workshops, usually early in the semester, to explain how to apply for funding.