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Programming Funding ($500)

The GSO shall have the right to sponsor or co-sponsor various programs it deems necessary. These programs should benefit graduate students in their pursuit of academic achievement and excellence and should be accessible to all graduate students. Upon application by any graduate student (with the support of their graduate representative), and approval by a simple majority of the General Council, programs may be funded up to an amount of $500.00.


Requirements for an application for Other funding:

  • Completed GSO Application for Financial Support
    • Letter from Funding Applicant (you/organization) addressed to GSO, stating why you are applying for funding for the planned event. (save as PDF)
    • Letter from Faculty Member (your Advisor, Graduate Coordinator, or Department Head) addressed to GSO, expressing faculty support of your application and why GSO should provide funding for the planned event. This letter should be on University letterhead. (save as PDF)
    • Invoice/confirmation of approval showing the student/organization is hosting the event. (save as PDF)