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Travel Funding

Travel requests can get complicated. Make sure to follow all of the steps to ensure you'll get the money you requested.

Note: Applications for travel without duties or for thesis/dissertation paper will only be considered at the second meeting of the semester after all other travel and research applications have been voted on.

GSO Application Checklists

Download Application Checklist

To apply for travel with or without duties

To apply for travel with or w/out duties (a $400 cap unless you are applicable for the $500 tier; $100 w/o duties, including co-authors)

View the PPM 2017 Tier System to know how much you can apply for. It is based on the location of your conference.

1. GSO Application for financial support—signed by your department head or graduate coordinator

2. A letter from you to the GSO—stating why you are applying for funding

3. A letter of recommendation from your advisor/graduate professor/head of department

  • Addressed to the GSO. Must be on official university letterhead and physically signed!
  • Expressing support for your application AND stating why the GSO should provide funding for your travel.

4. Letter of acceptance from the organizers of the conference—Anything that proves that you will be at the conference and shows whether you have academic duties. Email from the coordinators accepting your presentation, a photocopy of the program schedule works well for this. (Registration receipts don't  as they don't prove w/ duties).

Submit 1-4 to your GSO rep for their signature and they (or you) must submit it to the School of Graduate Studies at least one week before the date of the meeting (but funding is first come first serve). Attend the meeting or send a proxy! If sending a proxy, you must fill out the Register an Applicant Proxy form on the GSO page at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. If you do not follow these guidelines, your application may be held until the following meeting or denied.


There are other requirements for funding for travel regarding special situations. In addition to all of the above:

  • If you are driving your own car or a rental car and are requesting mileage, you must provide a photocopy of your driver's license and proof of insurance.
  • Volunteering at a conference is not considered attending with duties (but you can apply for w/o duties) as you are representing the conference and not the university.

When you return from your trip, complete and submit the Check Request form, receipts, and a copy of your approved GSO application to the Dean of the Graduate School no later than two weeks into the following semester or you may not get reimbursed.

A complete set of guidelines on funding can be found in the Constitution and Bylaws.