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Health Hints

Our graduate studies can take up a lot of our "free" time but it is important for graduate students to find ways to prioritize our physical, mental, and emotional health.

We advise all students to check out the Counseling & Testing Center, where you can seek counseling services that are free of charge to you as a current student.

The Department of Recreational Sports, at Bourgeois Hall, offers a nice fitness getaway for students to swim, climb a rockwall, and use weights, cardio, and core equipment.

Do you have suggestions to share with fellow graduate students on how you carve out time for wellness? Found an app to track your daily run? Stumbled upon a free Zoom Zumba class? Discovered the perfect quiet place on campus to journal?

GSO is currently crowdsourcing wellness recommendations from our graduate students for our graduate students.

Your suggestions may even be featured on our Facebook page!