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Research Funding

Download Application Checklist.

You will need the following in order to apply for up to $160 research funding (including travel for field research). $100 thesis/dissertation/project printing costs:

  1. GSO Application for financial support—signed by dept. head or graduate coordinator
  2. A letter from you to the GSO—stating why you are applying for funding and how it supports your work towards your graduation thesis/dissertation/project
  3. Itemized list of purchases.
    • In the case of books/videos/DVDs, provide proof that the Dupre Library cannot provide the materials. Have a reference librarian sign the Library Verification Form.
    • For research supplies, provide item costs, number needed, and a total.
    • For thesis/dissertation/project paper provide estimated amount for paper and printing and total.
  4. A letter of recommendation from your advisor/graduate professor. Letter must be addressed to the GSO, on official university letterhead, and express support for your application for funding.

A complete set of guidelines on funding can be found in the Constitution and Bylaws.